• Closed Circuit TV System Installation

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Closed Circuit TV System Installation

Closed Circuit TV System installation is important for many businesses. Purchasing a CCTV system from United Life Safety Systems allows you complete ownership and peace of mind when it comes to protecting and monitoring your business locations. Closed Circuit TV Systems are designed and built to your specifications and needs. Whether you need to monitor indoor facilities or outdoor facilities, we have the equipment and the know-how to provide exactly what your plans require. We build any size system from the ground up keeping the safety of your personnel at the forefront of any design.

Closed circuit TV Systems generally include a combination of devices working together to provide a unified system of supervision.

  • Cameras
    • Camera choices range from simple black and white to color, infrared, night vision and long-range selections. We also offer indoor or outdoor, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, vandal proof, high megapixels for any range, dome shaped, turret style, and even hidden camera capabilities.  Wired cameras offer the most dependable reliability, but wireless cameras are now offering more and more when it comes to selection and capability both with analog and digital preferences as well.  Whatever camera choices you require, United is here to supply, install, and maintain this investment for you.
  • Monitors
    • LCD monitors offer the means to view each camera at once or in a detailed view. Monitors may be mounted on counter tops, wall shelving or directly wall mounted to versatility meet the requirements in your viewing space. The most popular monitor size is 27 inches, but we offer many more choices when it comes to sizing requirements.
  • Transmission
    • The means of transmission vary for each facility. We offer wireless systems, coaxial cabling, fiber optic wiring options along with digital transmitters and receivers.
  • Recording Capabilities
    • Network Video Recording (NVR) and standalone DVR options are available with CCTV systems. You will be able to transfer video to flash drives, discs, and the web.
  • IP integrations
    • For mobile/remote observation and camera control are also a highly valued asset to CCTV systems. We offer system choices that integrate monitoring and controlling the cameras both on site and remotely.

Put your systems to work for you by combining CCTV systems with intrusion systems and monitoring services for a fully capable system that meets the exact demands for your company!

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