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Mass Notification Systems

Mass Notification Systems provide real-time communication in the event of an emergency. Instructions and emergency alerts can be sent via a multi-zone audio system to warn and instruct the people on your property or campus. Mass notification systems have become an increasingly vital part of any life safety system. By integrating public address capabilities with your fire alarm or other system, you will have a more comprehensive life safety solution throughout your facility that seamlessly works together to protect lives. These systems are capable of delivering voice notification to a single location, multiple zones or public address points by connecting to supplemental components such as:

  • Telephone Systems
  • Strobes
  • Horns
  • Giant Voice/Big Voice
  • Cell Phones and Pagers (audio/text)
  • Radios and Wireless Devices
  • LED or Graphic Signs
  • Video
  • Computer Popups or Emails
Mass Notification Systems | United Life Safety Systems | North Carolina

Mass Notification Systems play a key role in your organization’s action plan and help tie together all the pieces of your preparedness planning. An ENS (Emergency Notification System) communications platform can quickly notify a large group of people within a geographically defined area. Prerecorded messages can be used as well as live voice microphone stations to better serve the needs of your organization.  An emergency notification system is ideal for any size facility that needs a uniform communication platform. Businesses such as healthcare facilities, schools, nonprofits, hospitals, churches, member organizations and more can fully utilize the benefits of a Mass Notification System.

Reasons to install a Mass Notification System:

  •  School Safety (evacuate, lock down, shelter in place)
  • Inclement Weather (tornadoes, floods)
  • Public Security (terrorist threats, attacks)
  • Public Health (bio terrorism)
  • Military Regulations
  • Power Outage Alerts
  • Systems Loss
  • Municipal/County/State (water contamination, food safety, crime suspect, amber alerts)
  • other emergency action responses

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