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Intrusion Security Systems

In this crazy world we live in, intrusion security systems are almost essential. It seems it’s getting even  more important each and every year. We understand the importance and value of protecting your loved ones and the things you have worked so hard to acquire. With technology that is always changing, it is our goal to stay ahead and up-to-date with products and services that make not only our jobs easier, but return a higher level of peace and security for our customers. As a North Carolina licensed Alarm Business, we strive to do just that with well-trained licensed technicians who are required to maintain a high standard of moral and ethical business practices.

Commercial Intrusion Security Systems are a high demand in today’s marketplace, and the security of your business matters to us.  State of the art systems are designed with you and your business in mind. With a United Life Safety Systems installation, you can count on quality performance from both our installers and the equipment you have purchased. United represents the major manufacturers in the industry when it comes to intrusion and security. We have access to the most up to date technology that effortlessly combines with multiple system platforms to offer the protection you are looking for.

United Life Safety Systems is an authorized dealer with UL listed monitoring stations. Combine your system with monitoring services to ensure even greater security, knowing you are connected to the emergency services you need.

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About Us

United Life Safety Systems is a private family owned corporation, that was established in 2009, with a strong core value of building relationships, customer service, and maintaining strong moral and ethical business practices, always. We understand the value and liability that goes along with life safety systems, and the tragic costs that could arise if it is not done right. That is the driving force behind our expertise and professionalism.

United Life Safety Systems’ strategy is simple while ambitious. The services rendered by United Life Safety Systems can cover a project in its entirety, from original concept, acceptance of completed construction work, and service after the work has been completed. We offer consulting services, install fire systems, mass notification systems, intrusion security systems, access control systems, area rescue systems and we provide testing and inspection services, preventative maintenance, a variety of system services, and emergency signage and lighting services.

For all of your low voltage and life safety system’s needs, contact us and we will show you why United Life Safety Systems is that best choice for your company.