• Preventative Maintenance Agreements

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Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Prevention and reliability are at the core of life safety. System Preventive Maintenance Agreements are an easy way to ensure the everything is up to date. A trustworthy system, whether it be fire, security, access, or intercom, is absolutely necessary when people are working in commercial facilities. United Life Safety Systems, Inc. offers maintenance plans customized to fit the needs of your facility and its budget!  Service Rates are also discounted when any contract is held with our company.

In the state of North Carolina, standards call for an annual inspection of commercial fire alarm systems.  An inspection with ULSS includes: facility inspections, system inspections, testing all equipment, recommendations for updates and repairs to the system, and recommendations for updating to the latest industry standards. Our plans include options for inspections on all life safety systems, possible parts coverage plans, and full-service packages to cover any unexpected service work.

United Life Safety Systems Current Service and Maintenance Plans

Full-Service Contract: For larger facilities with multiple systems and labor-intensive work environments, System Preventive Maintenance Agreements are critical.

  • Operational Safety and efficiency testing included.
  • Timed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • All labor during business hours is included.
  • Discounted service rates for after-hours calls.
  • Service work for all covered equipment is included.
  • Annual test/inspection is included.

Annual Preventive Maintenance Contract: Our most popular contract option for most businesses.

  • Operational Safety and efficiency testing included.
  • Timed according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Discounted service rates.
  • Parts Coverage Contract
  • Repair or replace worn parts and/or components covered by agreement
  • Discounted service rates.

We provide testing matching NFPA 72 standards as follows:

  • Quarterly Inspections: Visual and/or Operation Testing
  • Semi-Annual Inspections: Visual and Partial Operational Testing
  • Annual Inspections: Full System Compliance Testing
  • Sensitivity Testing: Area Smoke Detectors (required in hospitals and nursing homes)

Full NFPA documentation is provided upon completion of each test/inspection. Facilities in the state that are now required to provide test/inspection documentation to a corresponding AHJ can depend on ULSS to upload and manage that process for them.

About Us

United Life Safety Systems is a private family owned corporation, that was established in 2009, with a strong core value of building relationships, customer service, and maintaining strong moral and ethical business practices, always. We understand the value and liability that goes along with life safety systems, and the tragic costs that could arise if it is not done right. That is the driving force behind our expertise and professionalism.

United Life Safety Systems’ strategy is simple while ambitious. The services rendered by United Life Safety Systems can cover a project in its entirety, from original concept, acceptance of completed construction work, and service after the work has been completed.

For all of your low voltage and life safety system’s needs, contact us and we will show you why United Life Safety Systems is that best choice for your company.